What is KIDGO?

KIDGO is a fun-filled school holiday program designed for children aged Reception to Year 5.


Where is KIDGO held?

KIDGO is held at Victory Church – 5 Maxwell Road, Pooraka, South Australia.


 What does KIDGO cost?

KIDGO costs $30 per child per day (2 children $50 per day, 3 children $60 per day)


 What can my child expect at KIDGO?

At KIDGO firstly expect to have FUN! There will be team games, physical challenges, craft activities, colouring in competition, massive bouncy castles, giveaways, prizes and more!!


 What does my child need to bring?

You don’t need to provide anything for your child, lunch and snacks are provided and water is always available. The only exception is if they have special needs and need to bring their medication with them eg epipen/ventolin puffer.


 What will be my child eat for their snack?

Morning tea and afternoon tea usually consists of a piece of fruit and a Bakers Delight finger bun. If your child has allergies, alternatives are available. Lunch is a sandwich with a choice of fillings (selected at registration) and a fruit snack.


How can I pay for KIDGO?

The best way to pay is via our online registration form at https://payments.victorychurch.net.au/kidgo


What provisions have been made for a child with allergies or special needs?

Our Special Needs team will be available when you drop your child off, so you can clearly express the needs of your child. Your child will wear a bracelet to identify them as having a special need, with a separate colour identifying those that are anaphylactic. All the food (and its packaging) that your child will eat on the day will be available for you to determine if it will be appropriate for your child, with options available should your child need alternatives. But of course your child can bring their own food should you be concerned that their needs will not be met. KIDGO is a nut free environment and takes into account those children with lactose, gluten and nut allergies. Rest assured our skilled and dedicated special needs team are committed to ensuring that every child has a great time at KIDGO.


What sort of screening do you do with your leaders?

All leaders have their references consulted to ensure they are suitable to be working with children. They are required to obtain a National Police Criminal History Clearance and also undergo a Child-Safe Environments training course. Our leaders also receive ongoing training in relation to safety procedures concerning children.


If you still have questions please call the office on 8262 7733 or email: kidgo@victorychurch.net.au











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