This program is run in a supported environment that creates a foundation that equips you to serve in your local church or as a minister in the professional world.


It is designed to unlock the vision of what God has on your life and confirm your identity in Christ. The course is designed so that you can immediately apply what you've learnt to your life and ministry. It is practical, inspiring, challenging and will leave you with a greater understanding of God and your purpose as you follow Him. It will also give you tools to live a life that is successful and God glorifying.

Students meet weekly as a group to learn content and build relationships to grow each other in their study and faith journey. They will be offered learning and study support from the leadership team.


At the successful completion participants are recognised with an accredited Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology. This can be done in a part time capacity.


10433NAT / Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Who is this course for?

Anyone. We mean it. This course is the most popular course at C3 College and that's because it's the most suitable course for most people. It's helpful and beneficial for everyone. Whether you feel called to vocational ministry or just want to grow in your knowledge of God and develop your character, this course will help you.


details about the course

Here's a quick break down of the first year:

• 4 terms of classes

• 1 two hour class time, per week

• Approximately 4 hours of study time required per subject, per week




LINE one


Leadership 1

Ps Phil Pringle


Leadership 2

Ps Phil Pringle


Old testament Survey 1

Mark Saundercock &

Pat Antcliff


Old testament Survey 2

Mark Saundercock &

Pat Antcliff and Amanda Anycliff

line two


Bible Interpretation

Pat Antcliff


Identity in Christ

Ps Phil Pringle


Survey of Christian Doctrine 1

Pat Antcliff, Richard Botta,

Phil Buechier, Pam Borrow


Survey of Christian Doctrine 2

Pat Antcliff, Richard Botta,

Phil Buechier, Amanda Antcliff and Brett Barclay


LINE three


New Testament Survey 1

Gospels, Acts and non-Pauline Episties

Brett Barclay


New Testament Survey 2

Pauline Episties

Brett Barclay



Ps Phil Pringle


Moving in the Spirit

Ps Phil Pringle


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Equip Internship


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us, we want our interns to not only survive but thrive in life!

Interns are a valuable member of the ministry team and during the 12-month full time EQUIP internship we aim to love them, grow them and stretch them.

The Equip Internship Program provides Interns with a holistic look at ministry life and will equip them for life choices in line with biblical teaching and principles. Equip Interns are expected to have an immersive experience within key ministries based on their unique gifts and talents coupled with curriculum based Biblical teaching. They also receive privileged opportunities to meet and learn from a variety of sources.

Interns are building their leadership authority for life beyond the program. It is a year of engagement and growth in a supported environment that will be both challenging and personal.

Interns will study a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology which assists students to apply biblical theory into practice.


Practical teaching opportunities are embedded in the course and include teachings on topics such as, knowing your strengths, building your authority, healthy living, first aid, relationships, finance, mental health, self-motivation and barista training to name a few.




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