Tightening The Knot Of Your Marriage

There’s an old saying that goes “Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?” It’s a little harsh, but a valid question. These days our society sees very little merit in getting married. Only, the research tells us that married people have significantly lower mortality rates, higher financial status and […]

Raising Kids In An Entitled Generation

Whether we like it or not, family shapes our entire outlook on life and how we navigate the world we live in. It’s why we can’t do parenting alone. We only get one shot at raising our kids. The bible says, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old […]

How To Stand Firm And Love Well In A Culture Of Compromise

Have you ever woken up and heard the sound of a car exhaust, clearly, not legal to be on the streets? It’s Roaring. Deafening. As much as we hate it, we forget the car owner designed it to sound that way. To the person who believes in God, culture can be a loud orchestra of […]

How To Bring God Into Your Workplace

It’s easy to forget when you’ve been a Christian for years, that church is a foreign place for unbelievers. The truth is, there are millions of believers globally, and yet, secular society is so clever at portraying the assumption that atheism is the future, church is an archaic institution, and Christians are people who walk […]

3 Reasons Why We Serve

(And no –  it’s not to get pats on the back from our pastors) Attending church can easily become monotonous if our walk with God is just rolling up on a Sunday, singing a few songs, having a few small-talk chats whilst sipping on cappuccinos. If that’s all our lives were about, we may as […]