How To Bring God Into Your Workplace

It’s easy to forget when you’ve been a Christian for years, that church is a foreign place for unbelievers. The truth is, there are millions of believers globally, and yet, secular society is so clever at portraying the assumption that atheism is the future, church is an archaic institution, and Christians are people who walk around with placards. Attending church is so bizarre to the outside world, it’s no wonder most Christians hide their faith in the workplace.  If only Christians understood how vital their work ethic, attitude and love for colleagues can be in showing people the love of Jesus. 

How do we draw people to Christ through our worklife?

Here’s three steps to help guide you.

  • Don’t hide the fact that you are a Christian. When people ask, ‘What did you do on the weekend?’ Don’t be afraid to say you went to church. You have an opportunity to  describe what church is like if someone asks you. People still assume that church goers are self-righteous people who sit in pews, listening to a monotone priest. The modern-day church is incredibly vast and adapting to change. Thank God we’ve said goodbye to the days of flag waving, singers sounding like wailing cats, pastors with mullets…kidding. The point is, it’s easier to invite someone to church now than it was a long time ago. We’ve removed the ‘cringiness’ that prevents most people from inviting friends and family. Church is a place of community. It’s a haven for those who want to raise healthy families, build friendships, awaken dreams, and learn to live the fullest life in this short amount of time God has given us. Here’s a radical thought –invite your colleagues to church and allow them to see it for themselves. More importantly, talk about how believing in God has changed your world for the better.
  • Exalt God in everything you do. 

Why was King Nebuchadnezzar in the bible willing to give up his false Gods and turn to Daniel’s God? He witnessed a miracle in Daniels’ life. He also knew that Daniel was a man who walked with integrity and values. He liked Daniel, and for good reason. Daniel didn’t climb the ladder of success and throw his colleagues under the bus along the way. Currently, we are witnessing one of the highest trends in workplace bullying in Australia. Why? Because good people do not stand up when an injustice occurs. Gossip, although seemingly harmless, is used to attack people’s character, destroy organisations and undermine those in leadership. It’s no wonder mental health is on the rise. As Christians, we should be the first to shut gossip down when it arises in the office. Ask God to give you strength and wisdom if you witness something that is unlawful or unfair. Always encourage those who are struggling.

Jesus wants you to have a strong work ethic. Don’t do it because you crave promotion. Be prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ in what your boss requires of you. People are constantly watching your life. Daniel was not just skilled, he was willing to tackle difficult problems. Don’t underestimate how we can exalt God in the little things.  

  • Be humble

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. Humility is a rare characteristic in the workplace today. If you make a mistake or offend someone in the workplace, be the first to apologise. People will not expect it. Ask your colleagues for advice on work-related projects or tasks – even if you already think you know it all. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who is not willing to ask for help and assumes they know everything. Are you the first to speak in meetings? Allow others to go first. Do you have a conflict with another person? Don’t criticise them in public speak with them alone and address the issue. Always give people the benefit of doubt. Remember, being humble does not mean giving into people’s demands or compromising on our values – Daniel has taught us that. It does mean, we must learn to let go of our pride. 

Standing strong in a pride-inflated culture begins, facedown.

Glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. 

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