The Eight Year Miracle Baby

Ask anyone in Stacey and Matty Brewin’s world and they would agree, the ‘Brewins’ radiate joy everywhere they go. Matty, 35, is the type of guy who will have you in stitches with his frequent jokes, funny movie lines and quirky character impersonations. Stacey Brewin is the girl everyone wants as a friend. She’s loyal, caring, fun and sincere as heck. It’s no wonder that ten years ago in Victory Church, the duo fell hard for each other and decided to get married.

Behind the charismatic exterior Stacey and Matt have a miraculous, yet, complex story. While most of their friends were having children, the couple journeyed through eight years of infertility, two failed IVF attempts and countless miscarriages. Falling pregnant wasn’t the only hurdle. Stacey and Matt sold their first home to fund the first two rounds of IVF, which were unsuccessful. During those 8 years, the couple did what every Christian would do in their trials – they prayed, fasted, pleaded with God, got angry, cried.

Matty recalls his emotions during that time: “The hurt and pain was often unbearable. At times we even felt like we were being cheated out of our dream. We got to a point where we sat down and had a raw conversation. I told my wife, “Stace, the only way we can have a baby is by some immaculate conception or if someone shouts us another round of IVF.” Those were the extremes, and there was no way we could afford it. Eventually, we decided we could become foster parents. We figured that if we couldn’t have our own children, then we would be parents to those who didn’t have any.

Midway through 2017, we realised we needed to just stop everything. We were so busy trying to have a child that we forgot to enjoy life, our marriage, our mental health – it was really affecting us. We decided to focus more on our marriage and just spent more time with each other.”

Out of the blue, the Brewin’s received a phone call from someone they knew at Victory Church asking them to dinner. During the dinner the acquaintance noted, “You guys have been married for so long, so why you don’t have kids?” It wasn’t the first time Stacey and Matt had been asked this question, so naturally, they shared their story again. After taking a moment to process, their new friend smiled and announced:

“Look, I’ve had you on my heart for a while. I had a dream one night about you two. I woke up at 2am and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. I want to bless you both with another round of IVF, no strings attached. 

“We were both blown away.” Matty recalls.  

“Nine months after that third IVF round, our miracle boy ‘Angus’ was born. This may sound a little bold and audacious, but Stacey and I don’t really have a claim on Angus. The only claim we have is that we were faithful, we didn’t give up, and we didn’t lose hope. Angus is a living, breathing example of God’s love, goodness, favour and blessing, and he is also an affirmation of God’s calling and will for our generous and obedient donor.

Matt & Stacey with baby Angus

If there’s one thing we want people to learn from our story it’s that God is watching, listening and He hears your cries. He knows your pain and he knows your deepest desires. All He asks is that you be persistent in your prayers, that you seek Him daily, and that you are patient and know that His timing is perfect.

Stacey, Matty and Angus are one of the many families at Victory West.

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