Alpha will introduce you to the basics of the Christian Faith through a series of talks and discussions. The Alpha Course has been described “as an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.”

Uncover your unique gifts, talents and strengths; and grow deeper in your relationship with God.

Learn new skills, become a problem solver and build your God given authority.



Get together with other parents to learn bible-based parenting wisdom and explore practical methods for raising children in a faith based environment.

travel light

Valiant Man

This course looks at what it means to be a godly man in a modern society. It explores what it means to live with sexual integrity and purity.

parenting course

Travelling Light

Most of us like to travel. What we hate is the baggage we carry with us, but what if you could travel through life with no bags at all?
This course uses the Max Lucado’s teaching series to journey through Psalm 23 and unpack the burdens you were never meant to carry.


This course provides practical solutions for those trying to manage debts and take control of their finances.
If you are wanting to live in financial freedom and break the cycle of poverty, this course is for you.

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